A quick banner and a logo

Someone once said to me, “being self employed means looking for a new job every day.” Sigh… ‘tis true, ‘tis true…

So, although I am building this site, I must also continue to look for other sources of income while it grows. I must keep my current clients happy. I must do my billing. And, of course, it would be nice to have a personal life. I hear they’re all the rage.

Humboldt Marketing Seminar

One of my other ongoing projects just completed its first year of activity. It’s called the Humboldt Marketing Seminar (HMS) and I’ve been doing it in conjunction with Richard Borough, who I describe as a “walking rolodex.” The man knows everyone and everything in Humboldt County.

“Richard, know where I can find someone selling left-handed buggy whips for use with 1874 wagons that traveled the Lewis and Clark trail?”

“You want brown or black? I know a few guys…”

Amazing, just freakin’ amazing.

So, Richard and I have been working on this local seminar since late 2007. We’ve done it four times now, and it’s kind of a primer on marketing, based on his concept combined with my operational skills.

I spend the first 90 minutes or so talking about topics such as:

  • Speaking emotionally, not logically
  • Customer service as part of marketing
  • Marketing definitions

Richard talks about persuasive speaking and how to craft messages that use what I talked about to get people to actually take actions.

After that we serve lunch (would be nice if the hotel provided options but that’s another story…) and the media, who sponsors the event, conducts a panel to address specific needs related to the attendees.

Since the media sponsors us, each recipient gets about a thousand dollars of worth of advertising packages they can use when they leave. (It’s amazing how many people do NOT take advantage of such a great offer.)

Overall, it’s a great event. It’s fun, motivational, and profitable for all, and we continually get good reviews. We charge $97 for five hours.

The next level

Part of good marketing involves finding more options for your customer base; so Richard and I have decided to take this to a deeper level and came up with the name “Advanced Entrepreneurial Skill Series,” or AESS for short. (We were going to call it the “Advanced Skill Series” but the acronym was problematic.) At first, it was just going to be about marketing but as we discussed it, we identified a whole series (hence the name) of topics that would be good for people who want to take charge of their lives. Our first one is on marketing, but we plan on having sessions on:

  • conflict management
  • communication
  • time management
  • life balance
  • goal setting

Unlike HMS, this will be a three-hour series with a limited group (maximum of eight unlike HMS which can handle up to 30) that will really get immersed in the topic. We plan on pre-work, group support, individual follow up, accountability, and focus group activities. The intent of the marketing session is to come out of the experience knowing what your customers want and what they think of you, knowing the words that work, understanding how to speak in benefits, and even something we’re call “speed pitching.”

Perception is reality

Since we’re charging more ($347) for this session, we must deliver more. Granted, the content is so much more extensive than with HMS and that should account for the price differential on its own. However, perception is reality and we need to spend some money on making sure the product looks like the pricetag.

All of that leads me to logo design and a banner.

As part of my search for the designer for Two Words and this site, I found a guy who used to live in Northern California (where I am located) but has since moved to the Philippines. His work looked nice. His prices were right. I figured I’d give him a try.

the logo for aess


I’m pleased to say he not only did nice work, but he was easy to work with and provided a quick turnaround so, from this project, I now have a flash banner and logo for AESS too.

In case you’d like to contact him, here is his web page. He’s also in the resources box. His name is Alan Hettinger.


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