Oops! I didn’t expect you to do what I asked…

…at least not yet

Well, a pleasant surprise happened yesterday. You know, you forget that when you put something out there, it might actually generate a response.

Part of what I do when I’m marketing something is use every last tool I have to get the message out. And surprisingly, one of the most effective tools I have discovered is the lowly email signature. Yes, those sad few lines at the end of each email. You can set up your email program to automatically insert them after every thing you send.

If I’m doing a local presentation, I will promote that. If I’ve got something new to sell, I’ll put that in there. I’ll set up a hotlink to the page I want people to visit. I might even put a picture in the signature.

My current email signature

So, as my Two Words project is moving forward, I decided I wanted to start to promote this blog. Figures I, “Why not put something in the signature slug asking people to visit here?” So, a screen shot of my signature now looks like this:

A simple line can generate response!
A simple line can generate response!

(I added the pink text for explanation – although I understand it was probably pretty obvious. I added the yellow highlighted area with the red border for emphasis of the part of the signature I’m talking about in this posting.)

So, back to the story…

I send an email to a potential client giving her some information she requested about bringing me to her city to speak. I get the following reply:

I am interested in learning more about your magazine, I attempted to view the sites, but my connection failed each time, I’ll keep trying.

So, it’s good news and bad news. For some reason the connection didn’t go through. I don’t know why. As they say, “to err is human, to really foul things up requires a computer.” We’ll have to see what that’s about.  But the good news is she flagged on my tag line and was interested enough to check it out.

Yikes! I’ve only got three posts (four with this one)! But, it’s validation to me that you never know where people will hear about you.

It also means I better move a little faster on calling the designers. That’s on my “hot 3” list for today.


~ by scottqmarcus on November 7, 2008.

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