Top 10 Mobile Marketing Predictions for 2009 According to ZNet

From ZDNet in the United Kingdom, a quick post about what the writer, Mark Brill, sees as the Top 10 Mobile Marketing Predictions for 2009. Although his focus is on the UK, it’s still applicable for the US. (Besides, this blog is aimed at “long distance marketing,” remember?) In addition to his Top 10, I am adding #11 at the bottom.

What’s amazing to me is how much of the very terminology seems like another language. So, I have done a little bit of homework and tried to translate some of the terms he uses in his piece:

2D Barcode: Similar to a standard barcode but capable of holding much more information. It will not replace the standard barcode but is used in places where more information is necessary.

2D barcode

A 2D barcode

Bluetooth Marketing: A very short-range broadcast that would allow “discoverable” bluetooth devices (cell phones, PDAs, laptops) to receive ads when in the vicinity. Growing in Europe, slower in the US

LBS: Location Based Services are able to use lattitude and longitude to track where the user is and then provide geographically-relevant information, based on that location

MMS: Sends multimedia messages. Like SMS, but it can include photos, audio, etc.

QR code

QR code from Wikipedia

Ofcom Regulations: Regulations under the authority of the Office of Communications (British)

QR or Quick Recognition: Allows a user to take a photograph of a QR code (with a cell phone). The image will then be decoded by software in the phone, which will trigger an action, such as go to a website.

SMS: Short Message Service, also known as “texting”

Prediction #11: Slighty OT. However, it’s JMO and NTIM but AFAICT, people will stop speaking in full words and only use letters and acronyms. PMF but ATAB? (For translation, follow this link.)


~ by scottqmarcus on January 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “Top 10 Mobile Marketing Predictions for 2009 According to ZNet”

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  2. We have seen a tremendous increase in interest in exploring bluetooth/proximity marketing. As a new company its exciting to see what the future holds in this technology.

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