Writers for Two Words Magazine

So, just a quick update. I’ve received two definitely usable pieces so far and a few other toward which I’m leaning. Since Issue #1 is entitled “We Are,” and since I come from a family of writers, it seemed appropriate to use their talents if at all possible in this issue. And, I’m pleased to say that my son, Daniel, and my sister, Cindy Kobler (who just got an agent!!!), hit them out of the ballpark! Wow! Great! (To read their rough pieces, follow this link.)

My younger son, Brandon, is still working on his. He was just up here for the week and seemed stuck but it’s moving forward. And, one of my “adopted” sons, Brian, wrote a really nice piece but I’m having him add more emotion to it. It’s a powerful and great piece about loyalty to family and doing the right thing, but as I’m learning more about my project, I’m realizing that that I want it to deal more with the inner thoughts and feelings than with the details.

Which leads to the others…

I posted on the writers group on LinkedIn and got several replies. It’s amazing to me how many people do NOT read the submission guidelines before sending me a piece. However, some obviously did. I got one that — although I thought it started a little preachy — grew to really appreciate it. I’ll use it. I got three more that I have to go over. First draft in my mind is that that they didn’t seem to fit, but I’ll reread.

Of course I still have to do mine.


~ by scottqmarcus on January 12, 2009.

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