Top 10 Twitter Tips

If you’re going to get your message out, you can’t do it via standard channels. Twitter is one of the faster growing methods to get to people quickly and where they are in real time.

“Tweets” can be entertaining or  helpful. For example, I’m following MacWorld, CNN, and Guy Kawasaki, marketing guru, just to name a few. I get regular updates when I’m on my computer using TwitterFox. Periodically, a tweet will pop up in my window that pulls me away from what I’m doing (just what I need; another excuse to get distracted) to find out something really cool.

They say “be yourself,” but IMHO, too many people tweet with things such as:

“Cleaned my house. Dog pooped in living room. Baby crying.”

I dunno; maybe it’s just me but that’s not what I want to be interrupted for.

There isn’t yet a firm etiquette. However, I found a great article by Leila Davies on about how to use it. Helped me a lot. Thought I’d share.


~ by scottqmarcus on January 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Top 10 Twitter Tips”

  1. Thanks for sharing the Twitter article by Leila Davies! Being that I am new to Twitter, it was very informative.

    Africa Riviera
    Follow me on Twitter:

  2. I tweet about Babies pooping and cats crying all the time (did I get that right?) – and in fact, I get bored with tweets that are all promotion/spam and no personal, but each to their own…

    follow me on twitter if you dare at

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