Sales Leads — It’s All About Staying in Touch

I know, I know; it’s been a long time since I posted anything! I’ve been crazy buzy. With the publication of issue #1 of Two Words Magazine and with the publication of my 151 Easy Things to Do Before You Give Up On Your Diet tips booklet, and all the travel, I’ve been neglecting you. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me! Uh, wait a minute! It’s my blog and I’ll write if I want to! So take that Mr. Codependent!

OK, I feel so much better now. Where was I?

Aren't I wonderful?

Aren't I wonderful?

Oh yes, so I did an engagement in Eugene, OR about a week and a half ago. Biggest audience yet: 1,000 people and a standing ovation! (“Braggart, party of one please.”) But, the issue was I did something I always do when I’m going to speak in a certain area, I pull up all my contacts from that area and send them an email announcing that I’ll be in town and inviting them to attend. The more people who know, the better for me and for my client. Who knows how the word will spread?

So, shortly afterwards, I get an email from someone else who saw me speak in Oregon last year and wants to know if I can come to her area in October and do what I do. Today, we finally connected on the phone and in the process, she mentioned that the whole concept was triggered because she got my email a few weeks ago. They didn’t even have a plan to do a “staff development day” but when my email came in about a completely different topic, it reminded her how much fun she had at my presentation, she pitched it to her boss (who happily at been at the presentation too) and now we’re moving forward on some details.

The Lesson?

Stay in touch with past contacts and clients. Don’t be pushy but be friendly. You never know when it can turn to your advantage — and theirs.

Rule Two

Don’t give up after the first call. I called her twice and she was busy both times. I could have thought she was shining me on. Thank God I have a large ego and didn’t. (OK, actually I was but perservered anyway.)


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