Public Option/Single Payer/Socialized Medicine Debate

One of the problems in marketing, IMHO, is that too often the people talking about the issues forget that they are not the ones who are important. It’s the people listening. So, because they don’t remember that, they throw jargon about and use terms that the average person doesn’t follow. It’s not that he or she is stupid, it’s that he or she has a life and is very busy with that life. So, he’s not inclined to pay attention to something that doesn’t immediately impact him. You can judge that, sure; but if the intent is to get through the noise, you’re better off working within those parameters than railing against them.

An urgent debate about health care

Heart Beat

Arguably, no matter on which side you find yourself, you have to admit that the current debate on the future of health care is vital. It affects us in so many ways:

  • Our health (uh, duh…)
  • Personal budget
  • National budget
  • Future of our country
  • Direction of industry
  • Livelihood of millions
  • Even what it says about our country’s priorities

So, why do those debating the issue throw around terms like, “Public Option” and “Single Payer?” How does that connect to me? I mean, when I think about it, I understand what that means, but really, can we put it into simple English?

One company’s method of doing that

The right side of our political spectrum is making hay with the term “socialized medicine.” That’s an emotional experession, and relates to the values of many in our country. (I’ll leave my own views out of it for now.)  And, it appears to be making some traction.  Therefore, to counteract the “dangers of socialized medicine” and to get people to question why private insurance companies are natually consider better (to some) than would be a government option, has released some very clever videos. (Full disclosure alert: HAARM, “healthy Americans against reforming medicine,”  is a work of parody by SEIU’s Change That Works campaign.)

In this video, look at how they poke fun at all their opposition’s main talking points.

If you’re conservative, you’re probably pulling your hair out right now. If you’re liberal, you’re probably laughing. Either way, it breaks through the noise and gets you pay attention.

The first rule of marketing is getting someone’s attention.

This does it.

If you’d like to see another ad by about “private fire insurance”, you can go to my facebook page or you can see it after the jump. Very funny.


~ by scottqmarcus on June 26, 2009.

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