About Scott “Q” Marcus

Although, while in high school, getting a “negative rank” for business abilities, Scott “Q” Marcus is a successful “solopreneur” with a three-plus-decade career in the media as a DJ, talk show host, Music Director, Program Director, Operations Director and later: sales manager, station manager, and general manager of various radio and TV stations. After helping to put the second smallest independent TV station in the country on the air in 1988, he moved on to organizes marketing campaigns for several businesses, and devised the Marketing Basics course and became a presenter and marketing consultant for the Northcoast Small Business Development Center.  He is also the co-founder of the Humboldt Marketing Seminar and Advanced Entrepreneurial Skill Series. He specializes in marketing campaigns for smaller businesses and in using “out of the norm” methods to get his clients’ message delivered.

In 1993, he lost 70 pounds and became a THINspirational Speaker (and recovering perfectionist), speaking across the country to individuals and organizations who are looking to increase productivity and happiness by overcoming procrastination and perfectionism.

He developed and produces “CruiseTheBetterLife.com,”  a series of motivational seminars on luxurious cruise ships. He is on  president of the Northern California chapter of the national Speakers Association and has three books, two of which are collections of his syndicated column, “Strving for Imprefection.”
As for his presentations, they are described as “a cross between Business 101, Group Therapy and a Southern Revival,” and he  suggests that in order to get the most out of them, you put your left-brain on hold and prepare to engage your inner, wrinkled kid.

Finally, although he has lost a great deal of weight and is a Weight Watchers leader, he is not a “food cop.” He will not watch what you eat if you do not watch what he eats.  (Although he might be persuaded to do a presentation for you in exchange for Chocolate or French Fries.)


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