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How Two Words began

I write a syndicated newspaper column. As of October, 2008, it’s been published weekly for four years. It started as a weight loss column but since I don’t think one can change one’s body without changing one’s thoughts, it has morphed over the years to be more of a motivational column on wellness, habit change, attitude – and yes, diet. I am fortunate that the editors have gone along with me on this journey.

One column was about the “Best Two Words in the English Language.” (to read it, follow this link) It was an upbeat, motivational, inspiring piece; at least so said a woman from down south who sent me an email saying it had so affected her that she was going to put a list of her most motivational two-word phrases on her refrigerator (where all great motivation is posted). Aside from being touched by her comment, I was also inspired by the concept and decided to launch my own magazine, entitled “Two Words: Motivation, Hope, and Change from a Two-Word phrase.

Magazine concept

“Two Words: A Magazine Providing Hope, Inspiration, and Change from a Simple Two-Word Phrase” is published quarterly and each issue is comprised of several authors (myself included) who each write a 500-700-word column based on the two-word phrase that is the theme of that particular edition.

Vision of 2W:

Two Words is a professional, high quality, entertaining, inspirational magazine supported by subscriptions and advertisers that uplifts, inspires, and brings together writers and readers from across the globe. Each issue is dedicated to a theme that be expressed in “only two words.”

Mission of 2W:

Two Words uplifts, inspires, unites, and entertains its readers through insightful, positive, well-crafted articles based on a two-word theme for each issue.

First issues:

  1. We Are — More details and copies available  here.
  2. I Can – reduced price copies available here
  3. Looking Forward – Deadline 12/1/2009 (Revised in Nov, 2009)
  4. United Together – Deadline 3/1/2010 (Revised in Nov, 2009)
  5. Why Not? – Deadline 6/1/2010 (added 11/2009)

Dates and issues subject to change. Please check with Scott to confirm.

Submitting to Two Words Magazine

Before submitting to Two Words magazine, please make sure you understand the magazine concept above. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to inquire. I don’t want to waste your time and I’m sure you don’t want to waste mine (or maybe you do, but I don’t want you to).

What  I’m looking for

I want fellow writers to pen (or more accurately, “keyboard”)  a 500-700 word piece on any aspect of the theme being used for the issue to which you are submitting. Wow! That’s a mess of a sentence, huh? So, let me clarify by example: If you are submitting to be in Issue #1 (We Are), you would write anything that inspires, motivates, or incites positive change (ah, remember the mission statement?) for the readers of Two Words‘ on the theme of “We Are.” That is a broad theme, as are most of the themes. They purposely were designed with a wide latitude in order to  allow the most creativity from the authors and give the audience much to think about and feel.

Articles will be chosen based on how well they fit within the 2W’s theme and concept as well as how well-written they are (which I understand is subjective, but what the heck; that’s life). Creativity is encouraged. Conversational writing is preferred to a more formal style. Right brain will usually win out over left brain. Not that there’s anything wrong with logic and analysis of course, but that is not the theme of this venture.

What we DON’T want

  • Lack of imagination. Yick! Go away.  On the other hand, don’t get so far “out there” that the concept is lost. Remember, you are trying to create a feeling in your reader. Nausea, while being a strong feeling, is not exactly the desired objective.
  • Articles that sell or promote a product or service. Each author will receive a “resource box” with all his or her contact information, as well as a photograph to encourage people to contact you at that location. I hope you great amounts of money from your submission if that is what you want. However, it must not be done within your 500-700 words.
  • Unoriginal, copied, or plagurized articles. Each article or column must be written by you with a minimum of referenced copy. In the event that someone else is quoted or was the inspiration for the article, it would, of course, be required that the information is sourced.
  • Footnoted articles. Leave those for more scholarly magazines please. If you have to use footnotes in a piece, you’re probably missing the point of the magazine.
  • Judgmental or stereotypical pieces that put down those with opposing views. All viewpoints are welcome in 2W, providing they inspire, motivated or affect positive change. Two Words in an inclusive publication.

What the writers receive

As this is a new venture, you will receive my undying thanks. I know that won’t pay any bills but it’s a nice start.

Please note, one advantage of being published in Two Words, especially if you are looking to be published elsewhere, want good looking materials for a media kit, or just want the prestige of saying “I was published;” is you will be able to provide copies of a professional, four-color, glossy magazine as samples.  If that ain’t cool as beans, what is?

Anyway, in addition to that, here’s the current compensation package as of January, 2009:

  • Five copies of the magazine or $15, your choice
  • As many additional copies, as you want to be provided at cost of production (which will range from $2 to $5 a piece)
  • A resource box and photo at the end of the article
  • Your own page here on LongDistanceMarketingBlog.com dedicated to you and all about you
  • Should your issue make a profit (either via subscribers or advertising), I will take 50% of all profits and divide evenly among all authors. Bill Gates it won’t make you; however, maybe, with a little luck, it’ll be enough to buy a cup of coffee (but probably not at Starbucks).

How to Submit

OK, if I didn’t scare you off with all that stuff above, and you still like the concept of the magazine and you think you’d enjoy being in it, I’m pleased as punch. What I need from you — in order:

  1. Contact me and ask if the issue you are looking for is still on the the theme you think it will be and if there is any room left for authors
  2. Send me via email attachment (not within the email) an unformatted document as a text file. Do not use formatted headings or style sheets. Bold and italics are allowed. Realize that the article will be formatted to fit within the look and feel of 2W. If you really must, you can send me a separate document with your ideas on how to format it
  3. Your suggested title for the article. I might change it but I am way open to you what you think.
  4. If you have an idea for a photo or illustration, please attach it or point it out on the web (via its URL)

Realize that I have right to change title, formatting, photograph, punctuation, etc. Remember, there is no force so powerful as the desire to edit another’s copy. I tell you this so you won’t take it personally; it’s just how I am. I have no choice.

If your article is selected, I will need:

  • A high resolution photograph (150 dpi or better) of you as a .tiff, .jpg, or .psd. Please do not embed it in a word document; just attach it to an email.
  • No more than 100 words to promote you, including contact information and website if you have one. (If you don’t what are you waiting for?)
  • With the document you send me, please provide  a release, which I will provide to you. (Unless I know you, I cannot use your very generous and talented services without the release. I hate that as much as you do but in this world of crazy lawyers, I have to be careful.)

I will notify all submitters whether they have been accepted or not.

Ready? I hope so. Interested writers (or people with questions) can contact me, Scott “Q” Marcus at scottq@scottqmarcus.com

It would be worth your while to buy a copy of the magazine to see what it’s like first. Now, I know what you’re saying, “Aha!” (Well, maybe you don’t say ‘Aha!’) “He’s just trying to sell magazines.” Yes, there’s some truth in that. However, if you end up being chosen, you get five copies back, so there is some legitimacy to my madness, isn’t there?


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  1. Hi Scott, remember me? We had dinner together in Corpus Christi at the foster parents conference. I have been writing articles for fosterparents.com and also got to go to Australia to keynote their National Foster Parents’ Conference last June. I would love to write an article for you. I probably could have something ready for your March deadline. I want to wish you the best on your new venture. I think it is a great idea.

  2. Q, I am so excited about submitting an article for you. You are such a great person, with so much to offer the world. I am simply chomping at the bit for the first issue.

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