Release form for Two Words Magazine

Click HERE for the release form for articles for Two Words magazine. You do NOT need to fill this out and return it unless you have a piece that has been accepted for publication.

Please note that you can fax it in. That said, I think faxes are a pain in the behind as all one ever gets are fake travel deals and bogus mortgage offers. Therefore, I rarely turn my fax machine on; so, you would need to call me first.

What to do? An enigma…

One can overcome this dilemma by filling out the downloadable form and “initialing” the space at the bottom of the form. Then, save it and email it to me. (Besides, you’ll get the additional satisfaction of being “green.”)

Make sure that you change the issue name (bottom paragraph) to reflect the name of the issue in which you will be published. (Default is issue #1).

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions.

CLICK HERE for Two Words release form


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