Two Words Magazine FAQs

FAQs for Two Words Magazine

To see how Two Words Magazine fits into Long Distance Marketing, follow this link.

To follow the history of Two Words up to this point, follow this link.

Where can I find Two Words Magazine?

You can find it at HP’s Magcloud Website or you can order them directly from me at at a discount.   Of course, I will have copies whenever I speak.

Who can write for Two Words Magazine?

Anybody is welcome to submit to Two Words magazine. Please follow the guidelines at this location.  (It would also be helpful to read about the concept and history of the magazine before you submit.)

How much do I get paid for writing in Two Words magazine?

At this time, you will get publicity. For more details, please go to the guidelines referred to in the above paragraph.

Can I submit more than one article?

Yes. However, only one article will be accepted per issue. If you submit more than one, please rank them in order of your priority (first choice, second choice, third choice…)

Do the articles have to begin with the title of the theme?

No. Write it however you want. Start in whatever way makes the column most interesting for you and the reader. As an example, for Issue #1: “We Are,” your content can be anything about who “We” are. “We” can be spiritual, communal, personal, familial, national, corporate, gender, species, etc. I would love to see pieces that tie into our potential of who we are. I purposely am leaving it vague because I want my writers to have the most freedom to be who they want to be. Free verse. Poetry. Dialogue. You name it.

What makes for a good submission?

A good piece will be heavier on emotion and feeling, and less on narrative. We’re not looking for essays. What we’re looking for are pieces that evoke a feeling. Feelings are better elicited by other feelings, not actions.

The best pieces for the magazine will be written in first person, rather than second person. They will deal with the feelings about an action more than the action itself. They will be less of a “call to action” than an “inspiration for change.”

To read samples of two outstanding submissions, follow this link.

To see how one writer converted his piece from a well written piece about family to a piece that fit within the Two Words Vision, follow this link.

Who owns my material?

Since no monetary compensation is being provided at the current moment (12/23/2008), the material remains yours and can be re-published anywhere you want. However, two things to note:

  1. This is subject to change once Two Words goes profitable
  2. It would be beneficial to you to help promote the magazine because any issue that goes profitable generates a split in profits for all writers.

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